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The Salvia Seed Bank is proud to offer you the world's strongest salvia divinorum seeds. Hybrid in their native environment for thousands of years, these rare salvia seeds are sure to please better than all others.

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We have the most sophisticated salvia strains in the world. You'll be happy with our top quality seeds guaranteed or you'll get your full purchase price returned 100%.

Global Shipping Salvia Seeds

No matter which part of the world you're living in, you'll get your salvia seed order delivered 100% guaranteed. Please keep in mind, remote locations can take a day or two longer for your order to arrive.

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They've got the real mccoy. It's a killer life changing experience that should be done at least once every year.

- Jane Allen

Fast delivery to the Ireland.

- Dillan Waters

Delivery to Melbourne was just a few days mates, and they used very good quality stealth packaging.

- Oliver Cranson 


About Us

The salvia seed bank is the leader in hybrid salvia divinorum breeding. Salvia seeds are very rare as most plants were propagated in mexico and no longer produce seed. We obtained and bred the highest quality salvia plants out there. Buy from the best, buy from the salvia seed bank.

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